Goal Mapping

Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping

People from all walks of life and from all over the world are taking control and changing their lives for the better by attending a Goal Mapping workshop or coaching session.

Countless studies have shown that the top 20% in any group are often only 3-4% more skilled or able than the other 80% but they produce the majority of the results related to their quality of life and income, they receive the greater level of rewards for their efforts because they set goals.

The Purpose of the Programme is to empower people with the ability to set and achieve objectives. A creative and personal development programme is can support any area in your life that you want to achieve. Study, business, sport or just improve your life.

What will you learn?visualmap

The programme is in two main parts, 7 principles of Lift and 7 Steps of Goal Mapping

Module One:

The first part of the programme is designed to teach 7 universal principles of success that act as the foundations for the Goal Mapping technique.

Module Two:

The second part of the programme is in 3 sections

  1. 7 Fundamental Laws of Creations
  2. 7 Empowering Questions to help individuals become clear about what they want
  3. 7 steps for creating a Goal Map


Half and Full Day
Our workshops are designed to support individuals, business and education.

For further information please contact Nicky Curtis on nickycurtis@mixconsulting.co.uk or Telephone 07770 901208


Goal Mapping Template
Programme Approach for Business
Programme Approach for Education

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